EMS - Emergency Medical Services

EMS in Sunbury is provided by Delaware County and is located at 283 West Granville Street. Delaware County Emergency Medical Services (DCEMS) is the primary emergency medical provider for our area. We are serviced by two vehicles known as “Medic 2” and “EMS Captain 461."

Outside View of Emergency Medical Services Station 2

Strategic Locations

DCEMS is an emergency only service, and provides no scheduled transports. In an effort to achieve this goal, the stations are located in strategic areas of the county to provide service within four to eight minutes of any call for assistance.

Relationship with Local Medical Community

The department values its close working relationship with the local medical community. The physician medical director, Dr. Khanh Thai, is a board certified emergency medicine physician with Grady Memorial Hospital, located in the City of Delaware. Dr. Thai is an active participant in the department’s CQI and QA programs, the evaluation of the Patient Care Guidelines and treatment modalities utilized by the department. Scott Kravitz is a Physician Assistant, and serves as the EMS Liaison to the Medical Director. The medical director and department members sit on many different Boards and Advisory Committees within the four primary healthcare systems in Central Ohio.

DCEMS Programs & Training

DCEMS offers programs to area schools, church and youth organizations, and special interest groups. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Car Seat Safety Checks
  • Cardiac Health Awareness
  • Child Safety / Bike Helmet / Bike Safety Information
  • Drinking and Driving Prevention
  • Fall Prevention for Seniors
  • The Importance of Dialing 9-1-1
  • Stroke Prevention

Often times they work hand-in-hand with the Delaware General Health District in the Community Awareness Programs. In addition, they provide CPR and First Aid Training.

More Information

For more information regarding CPR and First Aid Training, or to register to become certified, please email Captain Joe Farmer or call 740-833-2190. View the DCEMS Website.