Serving the Big Walnut Community Since 1944

The Community Library’s mission is to provide welcoming environments for all to pursue knowledge and cultivate interests. It is important that the community be offered access to a wide variety of print and electronic materials while also offering programs that engage, challenge, and inspire.

Tables and magazines in the Community Library

Burrer Family Memorial Room

To promote community heritage, The Burrer Family Memorial Room and the digital library Delaware County Memory serve to collect, preserve, and make available materials that document the history and development of the Big Walnut area.


The Community Library held a grand opening ceremony on June 3, 1944 with 1,336 books on the shelves. 44 books were checked out on opening day. The location was set under the Kempton Barber Shop at the northeast corner of Cherry and Vernon Street.

In 1954, the library moved to the first floor of the Town Hall and occupied the second and third floor in 1975. By 1991, the library had outgrown Town Hall, and voters approved a bond issue to build a new facility. 

The Community Library opened a new 14,500 square foot facility at 44 Burrer Drive on July 3, 1994, fifty years after its opening.

Recent Renovation

Since 2007, the library has conducted numerous surveys and focus groups. The community expressed a need for more meeting space, group study rooms, and a drive-through. 

The project was completed in 2017, adding an additional 2,000 square feet on the north side of the building and renovated 6,000 square feet of existing space.


Today, the library boasts a collection that has grown to over:

  • 80,000 books
  • 50,000 eBooks
  • 6,500 movies
  • 3,500 audiobooks
  • 1,800 CDs

The collection includes many more resources to provide for its growing community.