The Sunbury Street Department strives every day to meet the needs of our residents. We currently have 5 full-time and 1 part-time crew member. Currently we have two 2017 snow trucks and one 2003 that is still chugging along. We also have a leaf vac truck that operates in the fall saving labor costs, time, and effort by vacuuming up the leaves and keeping our storm water drains clear.  With all the growth Sunbury has experienced over the past few years, the number of roads to be maintained continues to rise with currently 40 miles of asphalt. In addition to road maintenance, our crew is responsible for 60 acres of landscaping, water retention pond maintenance and so much more.

As we all know, Sunbury is a very active community--especially in the summer months. It's our street crew that prepares for all these events, maintains the flowers hanging from our light poles in the summer and is responsible for all the banners and flags.