Why is a charter important?

A charter provides a municipality with maximum control over its organizational structure, administrative procedures and other matters of local concern. Municipalities without a charter operate in the generic framework imposed by state law, thus are limited in using Ohio’s municipal home rule authority. By adopting a charter, residents can tailor the structure and procedures of their municipal government to address the specific needs and preferences of the local community.

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1. What is a municipal charter?
2. Why is a charter important?
3. What subjects are covered in a charter?
4. Why does Sunbury need a charter now?
5. Who decides if Sunbury adopts a charter?
6. If the charter commission is formed, do voters still control whether to adopt a charter?
7. What is a charter commission?
8. What are the responsibilities of a charter commission member?
9. Who is eligible to serve on the charter commission?
10. How can a Sunbury resident run for a seat on the charter commission?
11. Who at the Village should be contacted with further questions?