Why does Sunbury need a charter now?

As a result of population growth, Sunbury will officially transition from a village to a city following the release of the 2020 U.S. Census results. Because cities without a charter are organized differently and have a different statutory legal framework than villages, changes to Sunbury’s government will occur when Sunbury becomes a city. Adopting a charter is a way for Sunbury’s residents to better control those changes and determine how Sunbury’s government will operate in the future versus being forced to accept the de facto statutory framework.

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1. What is a municipal charter?
2. Why is a charter important?
3. What subjects are covered in a charter?
4. Why does Sunbury need a charter now?
5. Who decides if Sunbury adopts a charter?
6. If the charter commission is formed, do voters still control whether to adopt a charter?
7. What is a charter commission?
8. What are the responsibilities of a charter commission member?
9. Who is eligible to serve on the charter commission?
10. How can a Sunbury resident run for a seat on the charter commission?
11. Who at the Village should be contacted with further questions?