What is a charter commission?

A charter commission is an elected group of 15 Sunbury residents that will meet for approximately 10 months (from early December 2018 to late September 2019) to frame Sunbury’s charter. Charter commission meetings are open to the public.

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1. What is a municipal charter?
2. Why is a charter important?
3. What subjects are covered in a charter?
4. Why does Sunbury need a charter now?
5. Who decides if Sunbury adopts a charter?
6. If the charter commission is formed, do voters still control whether to adopt a charter?
7. What is a charter commission?
8. What are the responsibilities of a charter commission member?
9. Who is eligible to serve on the charter commission?
10. How can a Sunbury resident run for a seat on the charter commission?
11. Who at the Village should be contacted with further questions?