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Commercial Sign Permit Application

  1. Application Is Being Made to:
  2. Type of Signage
  3. Sign Being Erected Is:
    Maximum Days for Temporary Display: 37
  4. Signage Specifications
  5. Location Specifications
  6. Number of Existing Signs on Property
  7. Electrical Specifications
  8. Additional Submission Requirements
    1. Drawing of sign indicating: dimensions, height, lettering, lighting specifications, foundation details, and all other required information.
    2. Site Plan of property with location of sign identified if the sign is located outside the building. The property lines and set-back lines shall be indicated.
  9. Upload your additional submission requirements.
  10. Fees
    Electrical: $30 plus $10 per square foot
    Non-Electrical: $10 plus $10 per square foot
  11. The undersigned is either the property owner or a duly authorized agent of the property owner and verifies the information provided in this application is correct.
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