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Rezoning Application-for submitting online

  1. Additional Submission Requirements
    1. Legal description of property (1 copy)
    2. Fifteen copies of site plan, showing actual dimensions and shape of the lot, the exact size and location of existing buildings on the lot, if any, and the location and dimensions of the proposed building(s) or alteration
    3. Statement of how proposed amendment relates to the comprehensive plan
    4. Names and addresses and postage (on labels or envelopes) of all property owners adjacent to and within 200 feet of the property
    5. For rezoning to Planned Residence (PRD) , Planned Commercial District (PCD), or Planned Industrial (PID), refer to “Procedure” under that portion of the Zoning Ordinance, regarding submittal of the Development Plant, etc.
  2. Fees
    • Residential: $200
    • Commercial / Industrial: $400
  3. The undersigned is either the property owner or a duly authorized agent of the property owner and verifies the information provided in this application is correct.
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