How do I obtain an application to solicit in Sunbury?

Please complete application below, print and bring to Sunbury Police Department located at 9 East Granville St., Sunbury, OH  43074 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  At that time you will be required to show valid driver’s license, liability insurance card, and make payment. Please call 740-965-3946 with any questions.


  1.  Must give a copy of driver license to Police Department before you can solicit in the Village (One time only)
  2.  All required county and/or state permits must be in order
  3.  Alcohol or tobacco shall not be used while soliciting.
  4.  Must have a copy of your Solicitor’s Permit on you at all time while working
  5.  Need license plate # from all vehicle that will be in the village (please list on back of form)
  6.  Any complaint of harassment permit license will be pulled immediately.


  $25.00 per year (Refer to Ordinance 717.05) (2 badges per application)

Solicitor Notice of Intent Application

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